2003-2004 Runner Profiles

STEVE ADAMS (Dartford Roadrunners)
A Bexley postman living in Dartford; 41 years old and has been running for 12 years. Encouraged to take up running to raise money for a Special Care baby unit, following the premature birth of his daughter. Ran 38 minutes for his first 10 K and was then hooked on the sport, so joined Dartford Harriers at a time when they had top runners such as Harry Bell, Nick Francis and Neil Clark. Particularly enjoyed the camaraderie (which has now been transferred to Dartford Roadrunners). Puts in up to 10 hours running per week under the auspices of Steve Neale - enjoys road running the best. Best times stand at 29.30 for 5 miles; 34.41 for 10K; 1.17.00 for Half Marathon and 2.45.00 in the 1997 London Marathon. Thinks the marathon time was his best achievement - where he settled into a steady 6.20 pace hitting 20 miles in 2.04, "felt tired but found some inner strength and worked hard until the end - very emotional". Feels he has not performed well in the past at cross country, although doing better this season. Hopes to continue to run injury free (having suffered from back pain recently) and set a few more pbs - particulary to break 2.45 for the marathon.
SARAH BONNAGE (Invicta East Kent AC)
20 years old, from Dover, is studying for a degree in Sports Science at Christ Church University College. Took up running seven years ago when at school; was encouraged to train outside school by her parents and family, so joined Invicta. She is coached by Ray Kay and puts in around 5 hours running per week, also likes swimming, netball and cycling. Best 10K time is 46.36, which she hopes to lower to under 45 min in the coming year. Was pleased to be selected for Kent as an under 17 but has become a stronger runner in recent years. She was disappointed to miss the English National XC this year having been involved in a car accident. While she hopes to continue running well in 2004, her primary aim is to successfully finish her degree course.
ANGIE CHARKIEWICZ (New Eltham Joggers)
Was born in Liverpool 50-odd years ago, now lives in South East London and is a Claims Officer for the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. Began running 20 years ago to do a charity relay from London to Brighton. Shortly after, joined New Eltham Joggers and has been Ďhookedí ever since. Runs up to 5 hours a week and puts in regular circuit training. Used to play Netball regularly. Best times stand at 35.48 (5 mls), 43.58 (10K), 1.39.36 (HMthn) and 3.39.10 (Mthn). Greatest running moment was "Running a relay from Liverpool to London (in a team of eight running up to 5 miles at a time) to commemorate my firmís 150 year anniversary and raising £10,000 for charity". Angie has struggled to regain her old pace after a hip replacement operation 4 years ago, but is still keen to run.
IAN CHIDWICK (New Eltham Joggers)
Hails from Grimsby, and is now a Civil Servant living in Mottingham. He has been running for 33 of his 47 years. Started at school as a sprinter where he made the Lincolnshire team. Almost gave up running for good in 1974 when he ran the County final 400m with an injury - despite finishing third, he was laid up for 6 months. Carried on running for enjoyment through college and ever since, but became more competitive again when he joined New Eltham Joggers three years ago. Runs about 3 hours a week, but does a great deal of hill walking and a little swimming. Best track times were 23.9s (200m), and 52s (400m) as a teenager. More recently, he has run 70 min (10mls), 1.32 (HMthn) and 3.17.01 (Mthn). His immediate aims for 2004 are to help New Eltham Joggers to fame in the Southern Cross Country Champs and to prepare for the Paris Marathon.
VERITY CURRIE (Maidstone Harriers)
27 years old, from Ashington in Northumberland, now living in the Maidstone area and working for the Environment Agency. Started running less than a year ago having met Dave Thompson of Maidstone Harriers at the gym - she was pursuaded to come running with the club. Began competing in triathlons last summer and has a punishing training schedule covering running, cycling, swimming and weights which fills in every day of the week. Best 10K time is 55 minutes. Thinks her best achievement was in completing the Tunbridge Wells Half Marathon this year (2.15) after never running more than 6 miles in one go. Suffered severe knee pain (IT band) in the Sittingbourne 10 mile race which she thought might stop her from running, but since found out how to deal with it. Next year, she is planning to do a series of triathlons over all distances up to full Ironman (3.8 K swim, 180 K bike and 40 K road) in UK, Austria and Ibiza.
FRANK FLINT (Thanet Roadrunners)
Hails from Barnstaple in North Devon, 52 years old now living in Broadstairs. Having not run since his school days, he decided to take it up in his mid 30ís after giving up smoking in order to improve his heath and fitness. Has run almost continuously since except when hampered with back and leg injuries. Now devotes up to 8 hours to running each week and enjoys both cross country and road events. Also fits in some cycling. Best ever road times are 36 min for 10K and 75 min for Half Marathon, but as an M50 has managed 31.20 (5 mls); 37.40 (10K) and 1.23.03 (HMthn). His golden moment was competing in a 5K race in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (while visiting his daughter) where he ran 18.40 - and helped raise over $4000 for the Special Olympics. While still looking to get stronger and faster in running, he is also keen to help out with the organisation of club races in the coming year.
MICHAEL GORE (Maidstone Harriers)
A voluntary carer, 25 years old living in Maidstone where he was born. He took up running just 18 months ago after a member of Maidstone Harriers spotted him training in the gym; starting running with the club and training seriously. Michael suffers from autism and wants to show that the condition does not hinder his ability to compete. He is coached by Peter Brenchley and puts in up to 12 hours running each week. Also plays table tennis for two league clubs and drives Go Karts in endurance races. His forte is road running, and in a short space of time he has achieved pbs of 33.12 for 10K, 57.12 for 10m and 74.53 for Half Marathon. However, he regards the turning point was winning a cross country on Boxing Day last year when going through a traumatic time just after his mother had died. "That race changed me in many ways and inspired me to carry on with my running." His main disappointment so far was in "only" finishing 6th in the Maidstone 10K on his home ground ! Now hoping to continue improving his times and fit in a good marathon during 2004.
PHIL GREENFIELD (Bromley Veterans AC)
A 44 year old Chartered Accountant living in Hayes, born in Lincoln. Has always used running as training for other sports, but started taking it seriously 3 years ago when he got a place in the London Marathon. Went on some training runs with Bromley Vets and thereafter was enticed back into track and cross country running. Now runs up to 4 hours a week and combines this with Football and Cricket with some time spent in the gym. Current pbís are 55.6s (400m) and 5.06 (1500m) on the track; 1.33 (Hmthn) and 3.42 (Mthn) on the road. Best effort so far was in winning the fathersí race at school sports day for 7 years running, despite elbows, attempted trips etc ... Disappointed with his first marathon, when on target for 3.10 picked up an injury at 20 miles (a suspected hairline fracture of the ankle) and had to hobble round the rest of the course. Subsequently, suffered a groin strain in the last Dublin Marathon - so now hopes for better fortune in next yearís Berlin Marathon. Added to this, he will be honing his technique in field events next year to take part in Long/Triple/High junps and Pole Vault.
A 31 year old Frenchman - born in Vendome, now living in Tunbridge Wells and works as a buyer. Having been "completely crap" at sport while at school, he took up running six years ago when his company started a running club and provided trips abroad to the big races. 10 months later he had run his first marathon in Monaco in 4.03 and has now completed 12 in total all over the world. "I am a big Ryanair customer." Runs for around 4 hours per week and enjoys hiking in the Lake District and Wales. Best times are 30 min (5 mls), 37.30 (10K), 1.28 (HMthn) and 3.29.53 (Mthn). Worst experience was twisting an ankle 10 days before the 2002 London Marathon; he ended up in plaster and had to watch while his friends took part. He is grateful to colleagues at Paddock Wood AC for helping him start his new life in the UK and "making me run faster", particularly the coaches and "the three guys who drove the van for 22 hours behind the runners when we did the Round Norfolk Relay - they should get the medal !Ē Planning three more marathons next year - Barcelona, Thanet and Beachy Head and hopes to get down to 3.25, but does not expect to "peak" until he reaches his mid forties. "So many people give up later in age because they canít improve anymore ..... My dream is not to run a 2.45 marathon at 35 but to run a 6 hr marathon when Iím 70".
JULIE JONES (Thanet Roadrunners)
Born in Margate 50 years ago, now living in Broadstairs where she tutors in Body Massage and Complementary Therapy. Started running 19 years ago when she met husband Steve. "My first training session took 18 minutes and my recovery time was 25 minutes !" Has always been keen on sports since childhood - "watching the runners in the Olympic Games aged 10, my heart was pounding out of my chest thinking it was me there." Runs up to 5 hours per week and fits in some aerobics and some time on exercise machines. Pb times stand at 43.40 (10K), 1.10 (10mls), 1.34 (HMthn) and 3.55 (Mthn). Best effort was in winning an 800 metres track race at University (aged 39) against 20 year olds. Biggest disappointment was taking 63 minutes to run a 10K this year on the day when the temperature topped 100 deg F for the first time since records began. Loves racing and hopes to go on running for "as long as Iím capable of getting out of the armchair" and to keep healthy and injury-free.
ANGELA KEFFORD (Dartford Roadrunners)
A City Banker - 27 years of age, living in Sidcup where she was born. Enjoyed running at school, but focused on hockey, playing regularly up until the start of this season. Started serious running just a year ago to train up for the 2003 London Marathon. Coached by Trevor Simmons, she devotes about 5 hours a week to her running. During this time she had achieved pb times of 40.45 (10K), 67.20 (10mls), 1.33.06 (HMthn) and 3.30.07 (Mthn). Her time in the London Marathon was seven seconds outside her target of 3.30, but next year hopes to get under 3.15 in the same event.
DAVID LEE (Sevenoaks AC)
Born in Paisley, Scotland and now living in Sevenoaks. 24 years old and is and Energy Derivatives Trader. Started running at prep school and having won a few school races was encouraged to pursue to sport at club level. Main motivator was elder brother Allan - who won this league back in 2001 - and is still his main training partner. Runs up to 4 hours a week and fits in the occasional game of squash and tennis. Best track times - 1.59 (800m); 4.04 (1500m) and has achieved 33 min (10K) and 1.15 (HMthn) on the road. Cherished sporting moment was representing the "all conquering" Loughborough Students Athelic Club A team in a couple of races and making the B team for the 1998/9 Student XC Championships. Has had a few set-backs, including not being able to run in his last two years at school owing to illness and having to drop out of the 2003 National Cross Country because of injury. Now hoping to return to his student form and improve his pbs.
SARAH MAGUIRE (Canterbury Harriers)
Born in London and lives in Wingham where she is a playgroup assistant. Returned to running two years ago after having her two children - enjoyed running when younger and found it could now fit around family life. Fits in 6 hours of running each week, and also swims while the kids are having their swimming lessons. Best times are 34.34 (5 mls), 42.15 (10K), 1.33 (HMthn) and 3.32 in this yearís London Marathon. Her "shopping list" for the next 12 months starts with completing all seven races in the Kent Fitness League, finishing the Thanet Duathlon, the Quicksand 15 and having a go at a triathlon.
JOANNE MURPHY (Sittingbourne Striders)
A housewife, part time physiotherapist and mother of five - lives in Eltham. Has been running on and off (with pregnant pauses) since her teenage years when she was a useful sprinter/ hurdler at school. Recently sprained an ankle playing netball which sidlined her from running for 3 months. Still enjoys the challenge of competition, but runs for relaxation and to keep herself and the dog fit .. "he is a great pacemaker, but is easily distracted by interesting scents." Splits her training time between running outdoors, on the treadmill, swimming and cycling. Best times so far - 85 sec (400m) and 6.20 (1500m) on the track; 45 min for 5 miles and 55 min for 10 K on the road. Best sporting achievement was in finishing the Swanley triathlon (400m swim; 17 mile bike and 5 mile run) in under 2 hours. Now targetting improvements to her 5 mile time and to generally inprove her triathlon permformance.
STUART NICE (Medway & Maidstone AC)
Works as the Curriculum and Site Manager at Bexley College, born in Norwich just half a century ago and now lives in Rochester. Has been running since the age of 15 - having played soccer and rugby for the school, was forced into taking part in interschools XC. He then finished 2nd in Norwich region and won the event in 1969 - main influences then were Mike Tagg and Mike Mills. Runs up to 6 hours per week (including 2 sessions of efforts or fartlek), mainly with club colleagues and enjoys cross country slightly more than track running. Also tries to fit in a game of badminton each week. Lifetime pbs stand at 53.29 (400m); 2.00 (800m); 2.53 (1000m s/c); 4.05 (1500m); 9.32 (3000m s/c); 25.00 (5 m road); 53.25 (10m road). Best achievements in a quite illustrious running career have been 2 silvers in the BVAF steeplechase champs (ranked 2nd Vet in GB in 1995), team bronze in the World Vet 40 cross country championships. His biggest disappointment was in not making the English Schools as an inter youth despite running the qualifying time. Now aiming to stay fit, lose some weight and become competitive as an over 50 veteran.
NICHOLAS PIROT (Canterbury Harriers)
Born at Saint-Saulve (France) 24 years ago. Now lives in Canterbury where he is a Secondary School Teacher. Started running 7 years ago, encouraged by his father, whom he strived to beat in local races. Now runs up to 6 hours a week and combines it with rowing, cycling and weights. Coached by Gerry Reilly, his best times are 63.20 (10 mls), 83.40 (HMthn), 3.27 (Mthn). Fondly remembers his first marathon at Paris, 3 years ago. "The atmosphere was such that I cried the last kilometre and kept on crying after I had crossed the line ... I was so glad to have finished it !" He now aims to break the 1.20 barrier for the Half Marathon and to generally have a go in everything the club gets involved this year, including a triathlon or two.
STEVE POTTER (Gravesend Roadrunners)
An Electronic Service Engineer from Gravesend, born in Hammersmith 41 years ago. Took up running just a year ago to lose weight and get fit. Puts in about 4 hours running each week - best time to date are 39.39 (5 miles); 49.39 (10K); 2.04 (HMthn). Particularly enjoyed his run in the Paddock Wood Half Marathon this year. Now just hoping to keep running, have a chance to run in the London Marathon and achieve some better race times.
DAVE THOMPSON (Dartford Roadrunners)
Lives in Swanscombe, delivers wholesale meat and is 44 years old. Began his running 5 years ago - following deaths of both parents due to heart disease, felt it time to improve his own fitness. Met Harry Bell and Michelle Flaxton at the gym who encouraged him to come along to the club. Runs 6 to 7 hours a week, mainly with a group, and spends a good deal of time at the White Oaks gym. Pbs currently standing at 27.48 (5 miles), 34.46 (10K), 1.18.48 (HMthn) and 2.52.03 (Marathon). Most enjoyed race was his first London Marathon which he finished in 2.58.32. Only disappointment was going off course in a 5 mile race at Eltham when he was lying 4th. Now just looking to stay fit and healthy and, possibly, beat some of his previous times.
MARTIN WISDOM (New Eltham Joggers)
A retail store manager fr:om Belvedere, 42 years of age, took up running in 1981 with his father after they had seen the first London Marathon. Both are still running 22 years on. Puts in around 3 hours running each week. Formerly coached by Terry Brightwell - now they are just keen rivals ! Lifetime best times are 36.37 (10K); 1.23.00 (HMthn); 3.14.00 (Mthn) - also managed a 1.31 Hmthn and a 3.27 Mthn as a veteran. Cherished moment was completing his 50th marathon at Rottingdean in 2003 - he has now set up the 50 Marathon Club which can be found at http://www.50marathonclub.com/
In her mid forties, born in London and living in Plaxtol where she owns and runs a Nursery School. Began running in 1998 when she was trying to regain fitness after two serious operations. Still remembers her first outing in trainers on 2nd June that year. "I went out for a run at 2am having not been able to get to sleep. I ran just over 2 miles under cover of darkness". Encouraged by local runners (particularly Debbie Munton) she was taken by the enjoyment and camaraderie of races and now covers about 25 miles per week which she combines with tennis, swimming, gym and cycling. Best times are 45.49 (10K), 1.41.40 (HMthn), 3.45.09 (Mthn). Disappointed not to get a "good for age" place in the London Marathon having managed 3.45 at Cardiff this year. Next target is to get the Half Marathon time under 1.40 and hopes to continue to enjoy running injury-free.
Born in Pembury, 23 years ago. Now lives in Larkfield and works as an Enquiry Officer at Maidstone Police Station. Took up running 2 Ĺ year ago. A friend got her to do the Race for Life 5 K and "I was rubbish", so started to train for the following year. Saw the advert at the local gym for volunteers to set up a new running club and hasnít looked back. Running occupies around 5 hours a week (including one speed or hill reps session) and she puts in an hour of swimming. Best road times are 45.44 (10K) and 4.29 achieved in the London Marathon this year - her first attempt. Biggest disappointment was having to take a month off with shin splints soon after she started running. Next target is to run under 45 min for 10K and to take part in a triathlon.
CHRIS YOUNG (Bromley Vets AC)
In her mid-forties and living in Orpington. An ex PE teacher who is now a full time mother to 3 boys. Started out running 8 years ago because "I didnít want to be fat and forty" and wanted to run the London Marathon. She ran the marathon in 2001 (4hrs 17 min) and the weight loss has followed. Runs up to 4 hours a week, and fits in a further 2 hours either swimming or in the gym. Enjoys cross country most of all, but has also competed on the track in the Vets League. Best times are 3.23 (800m), 7.02 (1500m), 14.20 (3000m), 52.14 (10K), 1.56,19 (HMthn) and 4.5.46 (Mthn). Disappointed not to break four hours in this yearís Dublin Marathon, but that will be her target for next year.