Team and Individual Championships

The league has championships for both teams and individuals.

Team Placings

There are two team championships, one for women and one for combined teams. The women's team for each club requires three runners, one of which must be over 40. The combined teams consist of seven men plus the three women. Of the seven men, at least one must be over 40 and one must be over 50. If a club does not have the required number of runners then, when calculating totals, the remaining places are taken to be (N+1) where N is the number of runners in that league race e.g. if a club has a missing male runner and there are 200 male runners (apart from guests) in the race then 201 will be added to that club's total. Teams are then listed in order of total placings at each race, with the lowest total being first. The team positions at each race are then used to determine the team championships at the end of the season.

Individual Ratings and Standings

There are championships for individual men and women taken over the season, with awards also for the following age categories M40, M50, M60, F40, F45, F50. There are also awards for the most improved man and women.

Individuals are measured by performance ratings, which are roughly the percentage of the field beaten. Runners take their best 5 ratings over the season to calculate their final position, both overall and within each age category. Those that do not complete at least 5 races are not eligible for the championships. The most improved runners are those who have improved their rating by the greatest amount since last season.

Individual ratings are calculated using the formula, ((N+1 - P)/N) * 100, where P is the position of the runner and N is the number of league runners in that race. League positions and ratings are calculated for each sex separately, with guest runners being disregarded. The individual championships are awarded to those with the highest rating average for their best five races. Those that have not competed in five or more races do not qualify for the individual championships.