About this Site


Firstly a big thank you to Rob Bright, the organiser of the league, for both putting in an immense amount of effort in coordinating the league and in providing most of the content of the site.


This site is part of the Canterbury Harriers webspace that is hosted on a linux box running the Apache webserver. The hosting facilities enabled us to create the subdomain for the league, kfl.canterburyharriers.org.


This site has been created by . The pages are programmed via the PHP scripting language and using the Smarty templating system for PHP as output. Pages and scripts are edited using the Vim text editor and the PHPEdit IDE.

Processing of Results

Results are processed from data entered into and retrieved from a MySQL database. The initial results data are kindly provided by Rob Bright in the form of Excel spreadsheets. For each race the league positions, ratings, team results and current standings are calculated "on the fly" via PHP scripts.

Menu System & Gallery

The main menu system, which is dynamic in both terms of content and positioning, is due to the excellent PHP layers menu system of Marco Pratesi.

The photo gallery is the Coppermine system, which again is written in PHP.

Standards Compliance

This website attempts to adhere to the standards set down by the World Wide Web Consortium. In particular, it aims to meet the XHTML 1.0 transitional and CSS standards.

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