Rules and Regulations


1. The competition shall be called the Kent Fitness League. It shall be a winter cross country league whereby the average runner shall have the opportunity to compete for his/her club in a mixed team event off the road.


2. The League shall be administered by a Committee comprising a single representative (Team Captain) of each registered club which shall take all decisions concerning rule changes, fees, prizes and shall settle any disputes arising there from by a majority vote. The Committee shall meet at least once a year.


3. A management team comprising 3 individuals shall be elected each year from the committee. Their duties shall cover the overall running of the competition, results compilation, management of accounts and presentation evening.


4. Subject to Section 5, the team competition shall be open to any Kent CAA - affiliated club from which a registration fee has been paid, fixed by the Committee at the start of the season.

The registered clubs for the 2016/17 season are Bromley Veterans AC, Canterbury Harriers, Dartford Harriers, Dartford Roadrunners, Deal Tri Club, Gravesend Roadrunners, Istead & Ifield Harriers, Larkfield AC, Maidstone Harriers, Medway and Maidstone AC, New Eltham Joggers, Paddock Wood AC, Petts Wood Runners, Plumstead Runners, Sevenoaks AC, Sittingbourne Striders, Swanley & District AC, Thanet Roadrunners.

Registration fees (last reviewed in 2010) are £50 for clubs staging a race; £30 for clubs not staging a race.

Each club will nominate a team captain at the time of registration.


5. Clubs wishing to enter or withdraw from the League may do so on a majority vote of the Committee. In exceptional circumstances, a club may be removed from the league by a 75% vote of the committee for reasons of misconduct or repeated failure to comply with the league rules.



  1. The individual championships shall be open to any qualifying 1st Claim member of a registered club (subject to b, c, d & e ). Clubs may also field 2nd claim members who are 1st Claim to clubs not taking part in the league.
  2. Elite Runners are excluded from the competition. Elite is defined as men who have, on two or more occasions in the 12 months prior to 1st October preceding the start of the current season, run a measured 10K on the road in under 34 minutes (or equivalent pace for other road race distances between 5 miles and Half Marathon*) and ladies who have, on two or more occasions, in the 12 months immediately prior to the start of the current season run a measured 10k on the road in under 38 minutes (or equivalent pace for other road race distances between 5 miles and Half Marathon*).
  3. The athlete's "Elite" status is determined on his/her form immediately prior to the start of the cross country season. This means that if he/she has road, track or cross-country form from the 12 months previous which suggests that they are faster than the requisite standard, they should be classed as "Elite" for the whole of the cross country season. Someone who did not reach this standard before the season, but then improves during the course of the season to what may be classed "Elite" should not be penalised for doing so and should be allowed to continue through the remainder of the cross country series as non-Elite.
  4. For athletes who have deemed to be "elite" in the past and therefore banned from competition, a minimum of 2 years must elapse from when the ban takes effect (during which time they have been out of competition or their form has been shown to remain below the standard of an "elite" athlete) before they become eligible to take part once again.
  5. The onus is on the Team Captain to identify, sanction and bring to the attention of the management team any member of the club planning to take part who may fall into the "Elite" Category. Any individual failing to comply with the guidelines for elite runners may be brought to the attention of the Committee and, on a 75% vote, may be asked to run as a guest in future races.
  6. Additional to the b,c,d and e above a runner who wins the Individual Championship for two consecutive seasons (male and female) shall be deemed to fall into the elite category and shall not compete as a scoring athlete for the next two seasons.
  7. No runner under the age of 17 years will be permitted to take part in the competition.
  8. For the purposes of this assessment, the Macmillan Running Calculator ( will be the appropriate benchmark for determining "equivalent pace" and the following standards are to be used.
    Men: 5ml: 27.07; 10k: 34.00; 10ml: 56.58; HMthn: 1.15.39
    Women: 5ml 30.19; 10k: 38.00; 10ml: 63.40; HMthn: 1.24.33
  9. All runners are to wear appropriate footwear for X Country; this includes running shoes, spikes or five finger shoes. Running barefoot is not permitted.


7. All runners wishing to take part in team or individual competitions must be registered with their Team Captain at the start of the season or as soon as is reasonably possible after joining the club. It will be the responsibility of the team captains to ensure that all of their entrants are included on their team registration sheet (which is kept electronically and updated at the start of each season) with all relevant details. Failure to properly register will lead to disqualification from the team contests. The management team will maintain and update the register of runners, which can be examined at any time by all team captains.


8. A series of races shall be staged during the period October to February each year. Each race shall be predominantly off-road over an approximate distance of between 4 and 5 miles. Host clubs will take full responsibility for providing appropriate parking, signing, toilets, changing, marshalling and officials at each event. Entry fees to be collected by the host club (see below). Recording Sheets to be handed to Results Secretary on the day of the race - who will aim to compile and distribute a full results sheet within 5 working days of the race.


9. The race entry fee is £2 per runner (last revised in 2001). £1.50 of this is kept by the host club and the remaining 50p is paid into a central fund (administered by the treasurer) to be distributed in line with the Committee's wishes at the end of the season.



  1. There is no limit to the number of runners a club may enter. Points shall be awarded to individuals in accordance with finishing position as follows - 1st 1 point; 2nd 2 points etc. There will be a separate points scale for male and female finishers; guest runners are not awarded points.
  2. The Combined team race will be decided on the lowest total of 8 men and 4 ladies from each club including at least 1 male veteran over 40, 2 male veterans over 50, 1 female veteran over 35 and 1 female veteran over 45. Any club not fielding its quota of runners will have the last place plus one added for each missing individual. There will also be a separate ladies' championship with 4 ladies to score (including one veteran over 35 and one veteran over 45).
  3. Points will be carried forward in the team championships based on a descending scale of club positions after each race. Assuming there are 18 clubs taking part, the team winners from each race will get 18 points, and subsequent teams will score 17; 16; 15 and so on.
  4. The team championship awards at the end of the season are based on points accrued from a team's best six races in the series using the points system as described above. Awards will be made at the end of the season to the Champions and Runners-up in both leagues.


11. Percentage points shall be awarded to individuals in the mens and ladies' races to go towards the individual championships. These shall be on a descending scale based on the formula:

Rating = [(Number of Finishers + 1) - Individual's place] / Number of Finishers

In this, the ladies shall be separated out from the men and will have their own percentage points. The championship rating will be the average score over the season based on the individual's best 5 races *. The percentage obtained from the above method will be used to decide all age categories within the men and women�s competition. Awards will be made at the end of the season for top five Males, top three Females, Male Veteran (cat V40, V45, V50, V55, V60, V65 and V70) Champions; Female Veteran (cat V35, V40, V45, V50, V55, V60 and V65) Champions, most improved Male, most improved Female. More than one award can be made if a runner finishes in the top five males or top three females and are also top of their veteran category. Further awards to be presented as may be decided by the Committee.

* This assumes a total of 7 races in the series. It this number is to be increased or decreased, the number of qualifying races for the Individual Championships may be revised upwards or downwards by the Committee.